Advantages Of Underground Drainage

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Along with the architectural design, you must also take drainage issues under consideration when constructing your house. Mostly, people overlook matters regarding gutters and sewage systems till they come across a situation when there house is flooded with water. These petty matters, if not taken care of on time, can be risky as they could contaminate water which could be dangerous for your health.

So, underground drainage is an important aspect to be pondered on when constructing your house. A proper drainage system will not only protect your house's foundation, rather it'll also keep intact the beauty of your landscape. Moreover, proper underground drainage systems will avoid puddles of water pooling in your lawn or make your soil soggy.

Along with underground drainage, you should also think about the installation and maintenance of pipelines for water supply and sanitary systems. Plastic guttering for these purposes won't be very suitable as its life will be short and it'll require reinstallation from time to time. Therefore, proper cast iron guttering will be more suitable as it is stronger and durable. It can face extreme cold conditions, plus it will not destroy the beauty of your house.
Even though cast iron guttering is suitable under almost all circumstances, it requires proper monitoring and maintenance such as regular inspection, leakage problems, repainting, cleaning and repairing. However, such inspections will occur only once a year. Proper guttering will prevent your house walls from cracking and the ceiling from dripping.

Apart from compromising the foundation of your home and the beauty of your landscape, poor drainage can be the reason for erosion. When installing an underground drainage system, you must include things like gullies for odor control purposes and other inspection chambers. This must be done so that regular monitoring and inspection of these underground drainage systems is possible.

As clogging of debris and blockage is possible in underground drainage, you must take steps to clean them. Such cleaning is not as easy as cleaning gutters, therefore, professional help is advised. At the time of construction of your house, you should use high quality pipes, as they will reduce chances of early blockage and clogging. Choosing quality pipes will certainly reduce the need for cleaning, but it will not eliminate it. Hence, steps should be taken to maintain these drainage systems at annual intervals.

One very important point to consider when laying an underground drainage system is that the pipes used should be able resist roots. The reason is that these roots have the potential to grow through these pipes. So, to avoid this you can use pipes which are surrounded by gravel.

One of the advantages of an underground drainage system are that it removes water from the roof to the streets or local drainage ditches and from the base of the foundation and eliminate erosion. Moreover, underground drainage systems will add a more finished look to your house and will not disturb the beauty of your house. As there are so many advantages of an underground drainage system, they must be considered as an important aspect when you are constructing your house
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Advantages Of Underground Drainage

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This article was published on 2010/12/14